Charity Support

INCH (INdian CHildren)

I asked my client Margaret, who is one of the trustees of INCH (Indian Children) to explain who they are and what the charity is set out to achieve. 

INCH (INdian CHildren) is a small charity whose focus is the education of poor and destitute children and support for community development projects. At the heart of our belief is that Education is ultimately the way out of the poverty trap. Building sustainability is fundamental to all of the projects we support and very much reflects the St. James's Place strapline: together we can make a positive and lasting difference to people’s lives. 

St. James's Place Charitable Foundation was able to grant a Local Office Allowance to INCH (Indian Children) of £2,500. 

The current project supported by St. James's Place Charitable Foundation is to provide a Vocational Training Centre for Tailoring on the site of the 2 schools at Beldih which were built through a capital funding initiative. The purpose is to provide a skills development program, preferably for the older girls and young women from the local community. This will provide opportunities for home working through the various garment industries and possibly the prospect of starting up their own small business; thereby becoming self-supporting and increasingly independent. 

The suggestion originated from the Head of School with whom we work closely and who described the project as a 'context of rural women empowerment'.

Margaret’s role with the five other Trustees is to work with their Indian partners (Headteacher and the RV Mission) to monitor the development of each project and to ensure accountability to those that support the charity. To that end, regular field trips are undertaken which are personally and separately funded by the Trustees and friends of the charity.

Charitable Foundation

The Foundation is the charitable arm of the St. James's Place Wealth Management Group.